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Welcome to our games archive page. Here games of interest involving club players are presented in two sections recent and historic. By clicking on the players names for any one of the games you will bring up a page in which you can play through that game using a viewer. This will enable you to see the whole game or go straight to the position after any particular move. Instructions on how to use the viewer are provided on each page.

Recent Games

2009Fareham B v Emsworth BCooper P. v Osiyemi L.0-1
2009Chichester B v Fareham BL Osiyemi v J Wilson1-0
2009Correspondence GameWestport Chess Club v Fareham Chess Club½-½
2009Correspondence GameFareham Chess Club v Westport Chess Club1-0
2009Chichester A v Fareham AD Elliott v R Lukosius1-0
2009Club Championship Quickplay deciderJ. Coburn v J. Henderson0-1
2009Club ChampionshipJ. Coburn v P. Waller1-0
2009Chichester & Bognor v Fareham CP. Wake v R. Davies0-1
2009Gosport A v Fareham AJ.Wilkinson v J.Coburn0-1
2009Fareham A v Cosham AJ. Henderson v R. Puchades1-0
2009Portsmouth CongressW. Partridge v D. Elliott½-½
2009Portsmouth CongressD. Elliott v P. Larwood½-½
2009Portsmouth CongressD. Elliott v P. Anderson1-0
2009Portsmouth OpenJ. Coburn v J. Wheeler½-½
2009Portsmouth CongressD. Black v D. Elliott0-1
2009Portsmouth CongressD. Elliott v K. Davies1-0
2009Portsmouth CongressM. Goldberg v D. Elliott½-½
2008Fareham A v Portsmouth AD. Elliott v P. Eyles½-½
2008Chichester B v Fareham BR. Williams v P. Waller1-0
2008Fareham B v Chichester BJ. Coburn v J. Wilson0-1
2008Emsworth A v Fareham AM. Krawczuk v D. Elliott½-½
2008Gosport B v Fareham BB. Gale v C. Smithers0-1
2008Fareham C v Chichester & BognorP. Waller v R. Kotkiewicz1-0
20084NCL Wessex 2 v Pandora's boxJ.Coburn v J.Woolley0-1
20084NCL Cambridge University 2 v Wessex 2S.Kapadia v J.Coburn½-½
2008Fareham A v Chichester AJ. Coburn v S. Smith1-0
2007CorrespondenceFareham Chess Club v Tammer-Shakki Club1-0
2008Club ChampionshipD. Elliott v P. Waller1-0
2008Portsmouth OpenA.Fish-Foskett v J.Coburn½-½
2008Fareham A v Chichester AW. Partridge v D. Elliott½-½
2007Fareham A v Emsworth AD. Elliott v C. Howarth1-0
2007Fareham A v Cosham AD. Elliott v A. Carter½-½
2007Fareham A v Cosham BP.Waller v S.LeFevre½-½
2007Fareham A v Cosham BD. Elliott v J. Mach½-½
2007Fareham A v Gosport AJ. Coburn v W. Purkiss1-0
2007Fareham A v Gosport AD.Elliott v P.Patience½-½
2007Fareham A v Gosport AM.Newbury v D.Elliott½-½
2007Open RapidplayC.Smithers v P.Waller1-0
2007Rapidplay v EmsworthH. Lwambula v P. Waller1-0
2007Rapidplay v EmsworthP. Waller v H. Lwambula1-0
2007Chichester A v Fareham AP.Rayment v P.Waller0-1
2007Cosham A v Fareham AR. Puchades v J. Coburn0-1
2007Portsmouth CongressD.Elliott v R.Portugal1-0
2007Portsmouth C v Fareham BA.Butler v P.Waller½-½
20074NCL Bristol v NW EaglesS.Crockart v FM M.Lyell½-½
20074NCL Guildford v BristolGM N.Pert v S.Crockart1-0
2007Casual gameP. Waller v L. Springthorpe1-0
2006Gosport A v Fareham AJ.Wilkinson v P.Waller1-0
2006Hampshire CongressJ.Coburn v I.Matthew0-1
2006Fareham A v Gosport AD.Elliott v M.Newbury½-½
2006Rapidplay match v EmsworthD.Elliott v M.Buckley1-0
2006Club ChampionshipJ. Coburn v R. Davies1-0
2006Emsworth A v Fareham AH. Lwambula v D. Elliott0-1
2006Fareham A v Chichester AD. Elliott v W. Partridge½-½
2006Portsmouth IndividualD. Elliott v P. Eyles1-0
2006Emsworth A v Fareham AD. Tunks v S. Crockart½-½
2006Club game 30 minutes eachP.Waller v M.Dufton0-1
2006Club ChampionshipP.Waller v W.Tottle½-½
2006Fareham B v Chichester and BognorM. Mitchell v M. Plumb0-1
2006Fareham B v Chichester and BognorP.Waller v P.O'Brien1-0
2006CorrespondenceJ.D'Sousa-Eva v Fareham Chess Club½-½
2006Portsmouth CongressJ.Coburn v T.Chivers1-0
2006Fareham B v Portsmouth CM. Mitchell v B. James1-0
2006Hampshire v CornwallR.Raghavan v S.Bartlett½-½
2006Fareham A v Chichester BR. Raghavan v P. Rayment1-0
2006Cole Cup, Cosham A v FarehamK.Gregory v J.Coburn1-0
2006Fareham Club ChampionshipJ.Craig v P.Waller1-0
2005Division 2 Fareham A v Cosham CP.Waller v R.Kelly1-0
1994Fareham Club ChampionshipP.Waller v A.Corkett0-1

Below are some of the games played by Wilfred Pratten (1908-1985), a founder member of the club. Four hundred of his games have been collected into a book by Roger Paige. The game against F. Maczynski is particularly well-known as its multiple sacrifices resemble the famous "Immortal game".

Historic Games

1984Fareham club gameW.Pratten v Anon1-0
1965Bognor RegisP. Milner-Barry v W. Pratten1-0
1962Portsmouth TournamentW.Pratten v A.Brameld1-0
1958John Lewis v Esso LondonW.Pratten v W.Jenkins1-0
1948PortsmouthF.Maczynski v W.Pratten0-1
1947Hampshire LeagueW.Pratten v W.Fry1-0
1923Portsmouth SimultaneousA.Alekhine v W.Pratten1-0