D.Elliott v R.Portugal

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Portsmouth Congress, 2007

1. g4 The look on Black's face when I made this move was amazing. Clearly he had never faced it before or, if he had, was uncomfortable playing against such an unorthodox opening. With this move White throws down the gauntlet for a highly tactical game where the a8-h1 diagonal, the g and h files will be the battleground. White's weakness in the opening always seems to be the black squares 1... d5 2. Bg2 e5 3. h3 Bc5 4. e3 c6 Black has achieved a strong safe central position with the ideal anti-Grob formation 5. d4 exd4 6. exd4 Bd6 7. Nf3 Ne7 8. Be3 Nd7 9. Nbd2 Nf6?! 9... O-O 10. c3 Re8 is stronger 10. c3 a5? Unnecessary 10... O-O 11. g5 Ne8 12. Qc2 is a safer line 11. a4? Also unnecessary. I was not sure of Black's plan so decided to stop it in the bud The immediate 11. g5! is better 11... Nd7 12. O-O11... Rb8 12. Ne5 Nd7 13. Nd3 f5?? After this move for the first time in the game Fritz rates White better 13... O-O is safer 14. g5 14. Bf4 Qc7 15. Qf3 Nf6 16. g5 was even stronger 14... O-O 15. f4 b5 16. h4?! 16. axb5 Rxb5 17. O-O is superior16... Ba6 17. Ne5 Bxe5 18. dxe5 bxa4 18... b4 19. h5 bxc3 20. bxc3 Nb6 gives Black counter attacking chances on the queenside 19. Qxa4 Rxb2 20. Qxa5 Qxa5?? 20... Bd3 21. Qxd8 Rxd8 22. Kf2 Be4 is a more solid continuation for Black 21. Rxa5 Bb7 22. O-O c5 23. Rb1 Rxb1+ 24. Nxb1 Nc6?? 24... d4 is better but Black's position is getting dire 25. cxd4 Bxg2 26. Kxg2 Rb8 27. Nd2 cxd4 28. Bxd425. Bxd5+ Kh8 26. Bxc6 26. Rb5!! is even better 26... Bxc6 27. e6 Rb8 28. Nd2 Nf8 29. Rxc5 Be8 30. Rxf5 Nxe6 31. Re5 Nf8 32. f5 Bc6 33. Kf2 Kg8 34. Bd4 Rb2 35. Ke3 Rc2?? 35... Rb5 36. Rxb5 Bxb5 does not offer much more hope 36. Re7 Nd7 37. Rxg7+ Kf8 38. Rxh7 Rc1 39. Rh8+ Ke7 40. f6+ Ke6 41. Re8+ Kf5 42. f7 Kg4 43. f8=Q Nxf8 44. Rxf8 Kxh4 45. g6 Bd5 46. g7 Re1+ 47. Kf4 Kh5 48. Rh8+ Kg6 49. g8=Q+ Bxg8 50. Rxg8+ Kf7 51. Rg7+ Ke6 52. Rg5 Kd6 53. Ne4+ Kc6 54. Rc5+ Kd7 55. Ke5 Rh1 56. Nf6+ Kd8 57. Kd6 Ra1 58. Rh5 Kc8 59. Kc6 Kd8 60. Rh7 Ra6+ 61. Bb6+ Kc8 62. Rh8# 1-0