P. Waller v H. Lwambula

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P. Waller
H. Lwambula
Rapidplay v Emsworth, 2007

1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Nf3 g5 4. Bc4 Qe7 5. d3 g4 6. O-O The Muzio Gambit; I have never been here before in a proper match but it seems a reasonable choice against a stronger player at Rapidplay 6... gxf3 7. Qxf3 d6 8. Bxf4 Be6 9. Bxe6 Qxe6 10. Nc3 c6 11. d4 Nd7 12. d5 Qf6 13. Qg3 Qg6 14. Qf3 Bg7 15. Rae1 Ne7 16. Bxd6 Bd4+ 17. Kh1 Ne5 18. Bxe5 Bxe5 19. Ne2 O-O 20. c4 Kh8 21. c5 cxd5 22. exd5 Rg8 23. g3 f6 24. d6 Nc6 25. Rd1 Qc2 26. Rc1 Qxb2 27. Rb1 Qxa2 28. Rxb7 Qa6 29. Rc7 Nd4 30. Nxd4 And suddenly White it better although Qe4 hitting the Knight and h7 would have been much stronger; around this point both players flags are starting to hang and it is unclear who has the time advantage 30... Bxd4 31. Re1 Rac8 Missing Rxh7 with forced mate but there was no time to calculate 32. Rce7 Rxc5 33. Re8 Again Qe4 is the move, winning the Bishop; the obvious Qxd6 will win for Black but with seconds remaining for both players Black tried something else and wished he hadn't... 33... Re5 34. Qxf6# Black laughs out loud at his failure to spot that one! 1-0