M.Newbury v D.Elliott

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Fareham A v Gosport A, 2007

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 e6 4. Nc3 exd5 5. cxd5 d6 6. Nf3 g6 7. g3 Bg7 8. Bg2 O-O 9. O-O a6?! 9... Nbd7 is the most common move here 10. Nd2 a6 11. a4 Re8 12. Nc4 Ne5 13. Nxe5 Rxe5 14. e4 Re8 15. Rb1 b5 16. axb5 axb5 17. b4 c4 18. h3 Bd7= Karpov v Adianto, Jakarta 1997 10. a4 Re8 11. Nd2 Nfd7?! I don't know what possessed me to play this - vague ideas on the a1-h8 diagonal but they come to nothing; whilst the move is not dreadful 11. Nbd7 is clearly better 12. Nde4 Ne5 13. Bg5 f6 14. Bc1 Nf7 15. a5 f5 16. Nd2 b5 17. axb6 Nd7 18. Nc4 Nxb6 19. Na5 Bd7 20. Bf4 Qc7 21. Nc6 Nc4 22. Qc2 Nce5 23. Na5?! 23. Nxe5! retains winning chances 23... Nxe5 = 24. Ra223... Reb8 24. Ra2 Bb5?! almost throwing it away as time pressure begins to bite 24... Rb4! 25. Rfa1 Rab8 26. Bd225. Rfa1?! 25. Nxb5 would be better but time is taking is toll on both players now 25... axb5 26. Rfa1 b425... Qb6?! 25... Bd7 26. h326. b3?! 26. Nxb5 Qxb526... Re8?! and a draw was agreed before either of us made a serious blunder in the time trouble (26... Bd7 27. Bd2 ) White retains a slight edge after 27. Bd2 Bd7 28. h3 g5 29. Nc4 Nxc4 30. bxc4 Be5 31. Rb1 Qc7 but with best play it is probably not enough to win ½-½